Vale of Tears level - Alice: Madness Returns
Shannon symonds concept angle

Camera angle to match concept art

Shannon symonds level


Shannon symonds alice


This is an early level created within 4-5 weeks for my uni course unit where I had to match concept art of my choosing as closely as possible in Unreal Engine 4. I chose the concept art for the game Alice: Madness Returns as I adore the art style and the image is both moody and colourful.

Each asset was either first a high-poly in ZBrush which was retopologized or a low-poly base mesh which had detail added later on in a normal map using ZBrush. The textures for everything were made using a combination of PolyPaint in ZBrush and Photoshop. I also used CrazyBump to create normal maps from my own images made in Photoshop such as the water. The shaders are my own set up on Unreal Engine 4.